Our Services

With us you will find the right treatment for each condition. Are you physically tense? You can relax with a spa or an intense hot stone massage. For youthful skin we offer quality facial care with all natural products, as well as effective anti-cellulite treatments. In aroma and SPA treatments bring your body and soul into harmony, so that you feel more comfortable, stronger and more deeply relaxed.



A professional massage releases tension from your body and gives the soul a lot of room to expand and to increase your well-being. With hot stones or aromatic oils, you can have a massage expert help you to find your inner self.

Our massages are specifically tailored to your needs. Enjoy the moment which relaxes your body while you recover from the strains of everyday life. Mental tension and cramped muscles from mental or physical overloading are removed leaving you feeling new and revitalized.

Aroma and Spa therapies


Aroma Oils and intensive SPA treatments combat the stress in your body, take care of well-being and strengthen your immune system. With us you can be pampered with valuable essential oils and choose different SPA therapies based on your needs.

With years of experience and the latest methods, as well as focusing on the Chinese art of deep relaxation we present concepts that activate resistance forces and rid your body of the impact of a busy lifestyle. Hot stones, precious oils and aromatic essences improve your wellbeing at any SPA treatment we offer and provide the psycho-physical harmony you seek.

Anti cellulite therapies


Orange peel is not only annoying, but can diminish your self-confidence to a great extent. With us you can choose an anti cellulite treatment that prompts you with orange skin to fight and let your skin appear much younger. Feel well in your body again and select a therapy focused against the problem areas that you do not like because of cellulite.

Your love life, your partnership and your self-confidence will continue to change and be more intense after you have decided on an anti-cellulite therapy. Learn about our success in the treatment of cellulite.

Facial therapies


Every day the face is exposed to the weather and dust, pollution and other external elements. With increasing age comes crows feet and rough skin, small wrinkles and bumps. A facial at our spa makes you look not only immediately fresher, but adds to your comfort and relaxes the skin in your face and décolletage.