Chocolate Facial Treatment


Chocolate not only tastes delicious, but includes many beneficial ingredients for your skin’s beauty. A chocolate facial teaches us that the delicious confection is much more than a popular treat. Spoil yourself and enjoy the scent, the superior quality chocolate spreads easily with a facial and deceives your senses.

If you have never enjoyed chocolate you will be delighted if you opt for a facial with chocolate. The aroma treats your senses while making the fats and other ingredients in your skin much softer and smoother.  It loosens any tension and your face will look a few years younger. Treat yourself with a chocolate facial and a the special moment it provides with long-term positive effects.

We invite you to an exclusive facial treatment with chocolate and give you an good experience you will take with you after you leave our radiant SPA oasis. Chocolate is for more than a sweet tooth, and when used in this way there is no need to count calories.