About Us


We are a young, dynamic and well trained team. Your well-being is important to us and shapes our passion to bring your body and soul in harmony and to free you from the stress of everyday life. For several years we have established ourselves in the SPA industry and have developed various concepts with which we promote your relaxation and give you a pleasant stay in our SPA. There are many reasons to visit the “Spa”. Learn more and acquire a SPA weekend or a few hours in our wellness ambience.

Why choose us

You provide for the family daily, at work and among friends you strive for excellence. Your own wellbeing often suffers and often leaves you feeling tired and listless. We spoil you in our SPA and introduce the appropriate wellness program for every client. With massages and aromatic oils in the peaceful ambience with a harmonious aura you find your inner center and can unwind after a SPA stay devoted to helping you find new energy for everyday life and its challenges. We have the appropriate training and guarantee a treatment that will leave you relaxed and re-energized.


"I have not believed in the intensive effect of deep relaxation. But when visiting the SPA oasis I was convinced of its benefits and I can now recommend their spa therapy without any reservation."


"I feel free, relaxed and in my center. Neither yoga nor meditation or sport helped. The desired effect was reached thanks to The SPA oasis. I am thrilled at the results and recommend SPA oasis and their friendly team!"


Our staff


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Jessica Priston


Andrew Parker


Aisha Anderson